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bt monitor 250

Crikey! This is a good price for the BT Digital 250 baby monitor. Head over to John Lewis and you can get it for only £21. Have a look, it's £39.99 at Argos and at the BT Shop. If you are in the market for a digital baby monitor, then I reckon it'll take some doing to get one brand new for this great price.

Some people can't live without them, some don't see the need. If you do need them then you could do a lot worse than buy the BT Digital 250 baby monitor for £21.

This baby monitor is jammed packed full of features like: DECT signal, colour coded night light, temperature alert, baby feed timer, a find feature (believe me, you can lose anything when you are sleep deprived), 120 channels, up to 300 metre range, out of range indicator, eight lullabies, two way talk (to reassure baby without having to leave the living room), low battery indicator. It comes with a travel bag and a belt clip for easy transport.

You get a parent unit, which you keep at your side, and a baby unit, that will be placed in your baby's nursery. They both come with a mains adaptor and the prent unit requires AA batteries too.

Baby monitors offer you and your family peace of mind, allowing you to hear your child from several rooms away. The BT digital baby monitor 250 features temperature alerts and a colour coded night light as well as a crying alert, baby feed timer, find feature, a belt clip and travel bag. It's perfect for letting you unwind while baby sleeps.

Click and collect the BT Digital 250 baby monitor from your local John Lewis or Waitrose store for FREE, or pay £3 to have it delivered.

Thanks to babyblue @ HUKD

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