Upgrade Your Booster Seat & Get 20% Off @ Halfords

Upgrade Your Booster Seat & Get 20% Off

For the next three months, Halfords are running a great offer for us parents that have children in Booster Seats.

Hand in any Cushion Booster Seat (the ones without the back) and get 20% off ANY High Back Booster Seat. It doesn't matter where you originally purchased the Cushion Booster from and you can hand it in to ANY Halfords store in the UK.

If you're ordering online you need to use the code saferseat* to get your 20% off High Backed Booster Seats, select 'collect from store' and take your old cushion booster with you when you collect.

Halfords are holding this discount event in order to raise awareness of the forthcoming change of legislation regarding Booster Seats.

This great incentive starts tomorrow, 13th September 2016 until 30th November 2016.

High Back Booster Seats give children head and side impact protection as well as positioning the seat belt correctly to ensure that it works effectively, should an accident occur.

You can read more about this legislation change on Booster Seats here.

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  • Sarah S.

    My daughter is 132cm and still in high back booster and will be for as long as possible. Much more protection. Don't understand the rush to get them out of them.

    • Claire R.

      I suggest getting a German make of car seat since in Germany they must be 150cm before they no longer need a car seat

    • Laura F.

      Can you recommend a specific brand as we are struggling to find one to fit my tall 8 yr old?

    • Elizabeth K.

      My daughter has just turned 7 last week but is over 135cm. She isn't aware of the law and will be in a car seat until I feel is suitable, however we were on a trip on a coach recently where the booster made her higher than me so I imagine if she continues to use one until age 12 she will be stooped to fit in. At least it is either/or as I understand. Edit with the booster she was higher than me on the coach and I am 5 ft 8.

    • Sarah S.

      Yes don't think there's many 12 years that would fit one!!

    • Natalie L.

      My nearly 9 year old is 135cm and still has growing room in our Britax adventure and maxi cosi Rodifix. She's not coming out until there's no more adjustment left!

  • Clair H.

    20% off at halfords if take old one X

  • Jenn R.

    I heard this too, but How do you prove you bought the booster before the date?

  • Rebecca K.

    Need one with a back even if you're not using one now. My aunties went and got a new one for all the little ones in the family. :)

  • Lisa M.

    Not for existing seats already bought xx

  • Danielle L.

    If you already have a booster then you are fine to still use that (according to the legislation) its only new ones bought later on this year that have to be high backed boosters

    • Kayleigh P.

      Thanks for clearing it up ive seen so many retailers word it so it looks like you cant use them! Bit naughty really!

    • Gini B.

      They're stopping the sale of backless boosters....apparently. so yeah, fine to use but preferably from the age of 7

    • Tammy W.

      Thanks good to know xx

    • Andrea W.

      Really I thought you had to change to new style. Cheers x

  • Stevi F.

    And it is also only meant to be for seats bought after this date. As the law stands just now, children over the age of 4 can sit in the back of a car without a booster at all, as long as they have a seat belt x

  • Joanne B.

    They have to be the 1.25 tall aswell as the weight X

  • Sammy W.

    I just think it's safest to have a high back booster regardless whether it's law or not, my nearly 6 year old is still in one and will be for as long as possible

    • Sammy W.

      They offer no protection for side impact etc I think

    • Kerry D.

      I just wish everyone would do it - my daughter is 9 and I still mostly have her in a high back booster but she fights against it cos none of her friends use one :cry: I wish it was the law to remove the peer pressure!

    • Claire R.

      My 8 year old is 2cm off not needing one at all according to UK law... However I'm Germany they need to be 150cm to travel without any car seat therfore mine will remain in her German high backed booster with side impact protection until she absolutely can not squash into it any longer

    • Emma K.

      My 9 year old is 4 ft 8 so is currently using nothing and my 6 year old twins are in backless boosters but there 4 ft 2! I have tall children lol

    • Angela M.

      My 4 year old is 128cm and about 25kg but I'm not about to change his seat anytime soon. He will be in a high back booster until he can't squeeze in it anymore.

    • Emily C.

      We have bought 3 booster seats with backs and the back support on all are too short for my 7 year old and the head rest dogs in to his shoulders. Does anyone know where you can buy taller ones from?

    • Jackie B.

      My children are the same age and height but I still can't bring myself to stop using the high back boasters. I want them as safe as possible plus when they sleep on long journeys they are far more comfortable. Might have to stop by secondary school :fearful:

    • Karen G.

      Omg Claire Reeds im only 6cm above the limit in germany lol i now understand the nd for my driving instructor to give me a cushion (it was allowed 16yrs ago)x

    • Karen G.

      My eldest daughter is tall and will reach the 125 limit in no time an shes not even 4 yet think she is about 111cm just now x

    • Angie C.

      Emily Carpenter toysrus and halfords do ones that the whole seat goes from 0-16. It all moves up and down and pillows come out. There are a few different ones so Google and look out. I've got one and it's been good so far for mine 6 months to 15 months but she's tall and it still has room. Good luck!

    • Fiona V.

      Absolutely agree as long as my kids can physically fit in a high back booster they will it's the safest thing for them X

    • Petra W.

      Emily Carpenter most booster seats the back moves up. My 8yr old is just tall enough to travel without a booster & he fits in our graco one with the headrest moved up to highest point.

    • Rachael C.

      My 4 year old is about 110cms and it's only just occurred to me that I need to take the harness off of her booster and use the seatbeat. She's quite tall but she'll be in it for a few more years.

    • Gemma A.

      Emily Carpenter i have a graco one and a britax one and the graco is far better than the britax, think its s graco assure or something, it was one of the more pricy ones though!

    • Lucy F.

      Diono make a high back booster that I can physically fit in. It's the diono Monterey 2 and costs around £80 and will last upto 160cm

  • Christina M.

    No way!!!

  • Jenny M.

    Absolutely! I dont understand the rush to move children out of these. Def much safer :wink:

  • Kerry D.

    Would hardly call it a scam when it's safer - why wouldn't you want your child to be as safe as possible? And they will still be able to sell booster cushions from December, they're just not allowed for children under 135cm or 22kg.

  • Grace M.

    Will look into it.

  • Laura C.

    agreed. And like it said in the article how are they going to police it? Not as if you keep receipts for old purchases like this just to prove it was brought before december (well i dont lol). Bit odd really.

  • Claire R.

    I think anyone putting a child less than 125cm and under 22kg on a backless booster cushion is completely irresponsible anyway

  • Claire R.

    I think the information needs to be made more clear as reading these comments some people have it confused already...

  • Gini B.

    Yup, they're trying to stop the sale of backless boosters too. But this is why I need a bigger car! Can't get two rear facing and a highback booster on a bench seat x

  • Michelle C.

    Okay so is this following regulation 44 or 129? Is it of the correct standard....my goodness the mind boggles lol :joy::scream::punch_tone1:

  • Natalie B.

    We're ok as dont use backless ones x

  • Rachel C.

    think I'm going to be alright xx

  • Michelle C.

    I thought so too!! Defo got the 129 right....44 could be a 66 or something else LOL!! But I did pay attention, there's defo two standards, if a parent isn't too keen on one of their kids they just go for the lower one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::wink:

  • Nicola U.

    oh dear! After December you may have to save the booster seat you just bought till one of them reaches the right height!! xx

    • Charlotte S.

      They can still be used, the rules only apply if they are purchased after Dec

    • Elizabeth Y.

      How will the cops know when you bought it though . Youll have to proove it

    • Lianne M.

      Elizabeth Jane Youll From What I can understand I don't think they will be available to buy after December so you shouldn't have to prove date of purchase

  • Beth S.

    knew it had changed but couldn't remember what to :thinking:

  • Janet H.

    I don't get why some people seem to be more worried about whether it's legal for their children to sit on a booster cushion than whether it's safe......

  • Beverley C.

    Got them new ones now.

  • Emily G.

    Oh yes of course I'll just switch it over!! What a plonker!!!! Xx

  • Leah B.

    Need 2 buy new one :weary:xx

  • Adrianne B.

    20% off here tho. Xx

  • Leah B.

    I'll take a look thanks Hun xx

  • Katherine M.

    He's got a high back one :blush:

  • Helen L.

    we may have to put the kids back in a full seat X

  • Theresa B.

    Oh bugger!! Just bought 2 new ones from there last week

  • Sea U.

    The Britax You Tube video backless booster seat crash test gives you all the information you need to know about why backless boosters should have been banned years ago!! Wouldn't dream of putting my child in one as they offer no safety protection at all :pensive: not worth taking the chance. #binthebooster

  • Sally D.

    It is not a law but a recommendation

  • Cheryl C.

    This is the one I read up on xxx

  • Sally D.

    Please read the article and note the following as it only applies to new seats purchased from December! "the new regulations regarding minimum height and weight requirements for booster cushions will only apply to new products on the market, and parents will still be able to continue using the cushions for younger children if they are bought before December 2016."

    • Jenna B.

      Yeah but why would you?

    • Sally D.

      Scare mongering parents into buying more seats. And surprisingly the change in legislation was put forwarx from a car seat manufacturer who has been testing car seating for years. Werid how they have sold and tested cushioned boosters and they were always safe but now a drop in profits......just saying

    • Charley M.

      Im not buying new ones! Mine are fine as they are, not getting more money out of me!

    • Alex A.

      please look at the crash test videos of the boosters bs high backs.. We don't have a booster for Ava or high back... It doesn't offer more protection the whole point is so it sits the shoulder belt in the correct position otherwise kids just fly out in a crash.. We have the bubble bum with the clips on the shoulder and the lap clips.

      Sally certainly not scaremongering why the hell would you argue with to have your child more safe in the car? Proof is in the crash tests..


    • Alexandra B.

      Thanks for that information

    • Karen R.

      It's been proven safer to use a high back booster so why would you risk not using one?

    • Kim T.

      If there is any hint of doubt about the safety of the backless booster seats compared to the high backed ones, with protection from side impact, why would you risk it? With regards to cost, when divided by the amount of times they are used and the potential to save your child's life or prevent injury, they are well worth the investment!

    • Claire D.

      I remember seeing a programme where if your child's head reached the top or over back of high back booster it was dangerous to them. Now a change of mind

    • Charley M.

      They are in a car maybe once a month if that. Hence why i wont replace them. I was sitting on a backless booster when i was in a serious car accident in 1998 i suffered no injuries as my booster was fitted properly.

    • Sally D.

      Exactly Claire Dennison. Just a whole bit suspicious since this has all been started by a car seat company who for years have insisted (through vigorous tests) the other products were safe for children. Also if it was proven to be safer the government would have made it law (just like seatbelts) rather than just allowing a RECOMMENDATION. I am happy with what I have and will not be changing to fill the pockets of some CEO.

    • Petra W.

      If anyone can show me how to fit a high back booster between 2 other car seats in the back of my cat, then that's fine but otherwise I will still have to use a booster. It's all very well people saying they don't understand why anyone would use a booster cushion & worry about whether it's law or not,but different people have different circumstances.

    • Alex A.

      I'm still confused how you can all watch the video and still argue about how it's all to do with money?? I really don't understand it's like when people argue about rear facing car seats the proof is there plain and simple on video you can see it's safer! Get on with it not my circus not my monkeys you've been shown the evidence of the difference between a high back and non high back. Too many idiots and drink drivers on the roads these days I'm having my kids as safe as possible. My high back cost me £50 the joie Trillio LX you cannot put a price on your child's life.

  • Anni T.

    Mine are Ok it is just if you buy them after December xxx

  • Farrah Z.

    Soaf this only applies to ones brought from this year onwards. I have checked this before

  • Aimee B.

    I believe they will not be allowed to manufacture backless boosters from December. Retailers will be still be selling the stocks they have. This law is just the start of the process to phasing backless boosters out.

  • Amy A.

    I would like to know how it is acceptable for a school to take children on a school trip in a minibus (transit) without a car seat though it's deemed too dangerous to travel in their fathers van without one :thinking::thinking::thinking:

    • Chloe-Louise S.

      The same way you can take a newborn in a taxi without a seat at all. Or how people stand on busses. Different vehicles = different rules. The bus driver is likely to have taken additional driver training. Have you?

    • Amy A.

      I belive the love for our children far surpasses ANY additional driver training, really unbelievable you would ask!!!!

  • Viki O.

    No, it's a law.

  • Emma H.

    Yeah got mine already

  • Emma R.

    Stupid law! My daughter is 8 and the high back is at the max it will go to the roof in my car. It won't last until she's 125cm. I'm sure most cars won't fit them in either

    • Emma R.

      It says 'and' so I read that as they had to be both

    • Kirsty M.

      My 5 nearly 6 year old is 4 stone so yes she's over the 22kg but like you Emma I read it as they have to be over the 125cm as well. Hmmm

  • Charlotte J.

    Ah that's ok we don't have any backless boaster seats xx

  • Roisin B.

    check. This out x

  • Shaz R.

    Thanks mrs. Will have to get the measuring tape and weights out x

  • Jayne S.

    Personally I think the safety of all children in any form of transport should come first but also there should be some kind of major advertisement stating pacifically what is and what is not allowed :grimacing:

  • Margaret S.

    Good idea xxx

  • Simon P.

    Thank you x

  • Keighly M.

    it is only if you buy them after the date but there is obviously a reason why they are doing this. it's clearly not safe to have small children in booster seats. the seat belts aren't made for such small bodies. it's common sense

  • Melanie K.

    Cheers Donna I must look into that

  • Ann W.

    Cars are safer now than they where 10/20 years ago... Yet daft rules like this are only now coming in !!

    • Natalie L.

      Yes but there are more cars on the road and more people drive like idiots than they did 10 years ago. You can't say a law to protect our children is daft!

    • Ann W.

      I've an 18 yr old n a 14 yr old they did OK on booster seats, How will buses be ruled, trains, taxis ?? It's an impossible law ! Just more expense for parents,

  • Vanessa L.

    Your child's life is worth every penny on getting the most safest car seat available - better to be safe than sorry - could you really live with yourself that you didn't spend that extra few quid!!!! :oncoming_automobile::red_car::blue_car: safe driving everyone x

  • Chris R.

    Ours are alright then x

  • Natalie L.

    New booster seats will have 22kg and over weight limit printed whereas current ones state they are suitable from 15kg

  • Rachael R.

    :thumbsup: thanks x

  • Natalie L.

    law states 135cm or 12 years old whichever comes first. Safety wise most children aren't physically developed enough until between 10-12 years old anyway which is why most high back boosters allow up to 150cm height

  • Stacey W.

    my 8yr old has a high back booster seat in my car n just the booster no back seat in her dad's .. as well as bein more protected she can sleep easier in the high back she doesn't fall to the side or forward

  • Fergus D.

    New legislation is still behind many other countries. Should really be Extended Rear Facing (ERF).



    "Government advice to turn your child forward facing at 9 months is putting their life at risk. In other European countries, children stay rear facing until they are 4 years old, and the new US recommendation is 2 years old."

    • Gemma W.

      My son turned 6 last week so is now forward facing :disappointed: end of an era. My 3 year old still loves her spaceman seat which is erf though :slight_smile:

    • Lucy F.

      I absolutely love finding other parents who erf their precious children. 6? Wow! Well done you! My daughter is tall but slim, so is looking to be around 15kg at age 4 so hoping to get until at least 5 1/2 before putting her into a high back booster

  • Alex A.


    It's not side impact protection it's the fact it places the shoulder belt and lap belt in the correct position, normal shitty boosters don't do this and cause kids to fly out rendering seat belts pointless!

  • Susan S.

    So their not baning them completely now, they make ther mind up soon! lol!x.:grin:

  • Munaza R.

    Turns out you can continue to use it, just applies to new seats on the market

  • Helen S.

    This law is for seats sold in the shops, not ones you have already purchased. This is misleading.

  • Lucy L.

    Ive read it applies to all seat and children under 135cm have to be in high back. That's on direct gov

  • Karen R.

    Some of these comments are shocking, surely you can't put a price on your child's safety!!! You may be the safest driver on the road but it's other people you need to worry about!!

  • Charlotte D.

    Thanks; we have high back ones though X

  • Jade W.

    I have 3 children, so trying to fit 3 car seats in the back of the car is very difficult, my eldest of the 3, is 6 this week and he's on a booster, my 4 year old is on a high back.. As much as I would love my eldest to be in a high back, it just won't fit.. But he is in the middle cushioned by the other car seats.. Some parents don't have a choice!

    • Jo L.

      This is our problem too , we have twins either side in stage 1's so our 5 years olds high back won't fit unless we put him in one of the boot seats but then we can't take the buggy with us ... X

    • Emma H.

      I have the exact same problem. Surely manufacturers can start looking at making safe slimline versions?!

    • Sarah A.

      Britax do very thin high back boosters. I have a citrion grand, have 3 first class along back, two rear ward, one in boot and high back in front with air bag off

    • Sarah A.

      Boot seat up, buggy on left or right side , or buy a zia buggy that folds to a small triangle, better than umbrella to use as well.

    • Joanne P.

      This is going to be my problem soon my eldest is 6 and then I also have a 4 yr old both in high back seats and then I'm due baby number 3 end of November, buying a bigger car is not an option atm

    • Shayne R.

      I have a 7 year old, 6 year old & 2 year old. The 6 & 7 year old are on backed booster seats & my 2 year old is in a group 1 reclining seat. I can fit all 3 into the back of my 2001 Vauxhall corsa.

    • Emma W.

      People carriers fit all 3 in a row. We changed or car to fit when we had our third.

  • Jade C.

    Thankyou xx

  • Charlotte D.

    ah ok! Thanks :-) xx

  • Phil R.

    Time they made a proper change and banned forward facing seats and made rear facing the law.

    • Daniel H.

      We used rear facing till they are 1 years old then forward facing... once they design a seat that actually allows your child to have legs (rear facing ) then I will be all for it. I have a 4x4 and there still isn't enough room....

    • Phil R.

      Our 3yr old is still in rear facing and it works OK. Better that a snapped neck in a forward facing seat imo...

  • Louise G.

    So some kids starting secondary school may be using them? I understand the safety aspect but they would get bullied cause children are vicious at that age!

  • Laura F.

    Any idea what you're meant to do with your old boosters when children outgrow them? Our 10 year old no longer requires a booster due to his height, I don't like to think of it going to landfill.

    • Liz L.

      Could try donating it to a minibus or taxi company - they are exempt from needing one but some companies do carry a booster anyway, it would be nice for more companies to do it x

    • Lucy F.

      You really should totally smash it up and throw it away. Regulations and legislations change. And a taxi or mini bus company is extremely unlikely to check a donated booster is upto date legally. You also shouldn't use any type of car seat that is more than 10 years old due to deterioration of the materials

    • Charlotte F.

      You can give to fire stations I believe as they use them for demonstrations I believe? Worth checking out!

    • Tania B.

      I took mine to the local food bank so that they could be used for those in need

  • Kenny D.

    Just measured... 126cm:sweat_smile:

  • Alison G.

    Don't get why tesco are selling loads of them off cheap I do have one but as a spare I can see me getting a cheap high back booster for a spare for collecting my sons friends or vice versa going to their house and binning one I have

  • Sarah A.

    As a childminder I contacted Britax about this law. Now bear in mind I am car safety mad, my daughter has always had high back boosters, we have just taken her out of evolva. I was also asking about the rear seat to 15kg law, again my child was rear facing in a sweedish seat till 4 years. So the rule is, only on new seats, it's a rule brought in more for the factories. I have just bought a 4th Britax first class so all mine 13kg, approx 2 years are rear wood. I have underfloor storage so the supporting pole car seats are death traps in my car. But I know with these seats all are rear ward till 2 years at least. Nothing ever beats child safety

  • Michael R.

    .' Child car seat law - find out what else you need to know to avoid a fine Do I need to buy a new seat? The new additions to the child car seats regulations should come into effect in December 2016, but will only apply to any new products appearing on the market. So parents looking to buy a booster seat next year should start to see that they're not approved for use with children under 125cm and 22kg. Parents who have a booster seat now will still be able to use the seat without breaking any rules.

  • Joy M.

    Yup he's not heavy enough :weary: can't believe been in booster all this time and not safe. Looking online for a full booster x

  • Michaêla S.

    Has to be both Hun over 22kg & 125cm Safety first :thumbsup_tone4:Xx

  • Jade L.

    Oh thought it was one or the other :joy::joy: yh will definitely check that all out

  • Claire G.

    Can I ask is it height & weight u go by or if they r the height given but not that weight can they still use a backless booster seat? Thanks x

  • Clare M.

    Oh the child wont b happy lol

  • Charlee R.

    Need to get twins one

  • Jayde R.

    I'm in the clear don't need to worry bout that I don't even use that one at all lol

  • Jayde R.

    Thanx hun xx

  • Alison K.

    It's a money making government piece of nonsense - years ago we had 10 plus kids - find a space ---- it's drivers they should b targeting - those idiots that drive too fast and those that think it's acceptable not to buy road tax / but I suppose that's too much hard work - let's take the easy option

  • Laura S.

    Unless they are traveling in a bus or a coach, then they don't need anything, not even a seat belt!! Mustn't be dangerous to crash in a bigger vehicle. Ridiculous

  • Wendy S.

    Using poorly fitting high backed booster seats in between 2 others is just as dangerous as using a backless booster cushion...some parents have no choice :/

  • Tracey R.

    The new law if its passed means any backless boosters will have the new 22kgs law on the label that's on all seats so that's how they'll know if it's a new seat or not so if you get caught with a child under 22kgs on the newly labeled seats then you'd be breaking the law

  • Shona M.

    We know she's gonna have to get a high back car seat but it's finding one that's comfortable they all look very uncomfortable when she's sitting in them

  • Catherine M.

    The one she had before would've been fine I think. Or is she too big for it now? I'd go into halfords and get them to help you

  • Tracey R.

    Viki Osborne it's not law yet but if it's passed will come into force in December

  • Tracey C.

    my son is 6yrs and still in high backed seat, he is more comfortable and safer.

  • Shona M.

    she's too big for it we've been to several places and halfords was one of the worst we went to not very helpful at all

  • Nikki R.

    This isn't a law change it hasn't even been passed

  • Sarah J.

    Scratch that, they can still use them. It's only. Newly purchased one apparently? X

  • Kellie C.

    will I have to get a new one then?

    • Rebecca C.

      No it's only for new seats bought apperently xx

  • Nigel V.

    If backless booster seats are that UNSAFE why are they made ?? :thinking:

  • Catriona N.

    There are so many new laws coming in for kids in cars :cold_sweat:

  • Jennifer O.

    Yea I read it the other day. Xxx

  • Megan A.

    we'll need to get Sienna a new seat I think??

  • Hayley W.

    The last i heard this was still under consideration and any old car seats will be ok only new purchases will need to be high backed.

  • Lou B.

    I didn't think it applied to existing seats? Only new purchases?

  • Penny T.

    Both my two are way taller and heavier than this xx

  • Rebecca J.

    To all of you complaining about not enough space!!! Think about your child's safety and make space if not don't drive your kids sorry children's safety should come first no matter what and I have a small car and fit 3 high backed child seats in and that's In a Peugeot 207

  • Fiona M.

    My daughter is 6 and struggles in her big back as she says the bottom of head rest rubs her shoulders . She us all ready shout 129 cm tall

  • Nichola J.

    Thanks hun I already new about this, both girls are in high back car seats xx

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