Graco Endure High Back Booster Car Seat (Group 1,2,3) £45 @ Tesco Direct

Graco Endure High Back Booster Car Seat £45

Normally you would fork out £70 for the Graco Endure High Back Booster Car Seat (Group 1,2,3) from Tesco Direct but for now, it's only £45. Smyths are selling it for £59.99 so this is a smashing price.

The Graco Endure High Back Booster Car Seat is a forward facing seat. It is suitable for children that weigh 9kg through to 36kg.

If your child is young then there's a 5 point safety harness to ensure your little darling is secured in.

This Seat features side impact protection for safety and has a height adjustable headrest.

Designed for Group 1, 2 and 3, and is adaptable for the different age/weight classes to make sure your child is as safe as can be when travelling.

You can Click and Collect the Graco Endure High Back Booster Car Seat for FREE from a Tesco store near you or pay £3 to have it delivered to your home.

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  • Claire A.

    Brought same seat over 3yrs ago then it was £50 from.Halfords :blush: great seat my 5yr old still has loads of room in it.

  • Kelly M.

    Oh this good :blush::blush::blush:

  • Zoe S.

    at the moment they are rolling out the I-size seats. They are height based and kids have to Be rear facing until 15 months old minimum. The older weight based seats can have a baby from around 9 months old in them as long as they have the 5 point harness or extra safety cushions etc. Once I size is rolled out the weight based ones won't be used.

  • Jonathan K.

    Ill let her know thanks mate! Looks smart aswell lol

  • Beth F.

    UK needs to sort out its laws and regulations it's too confusing for parents! Why why why when they know how much safer rear facing is do they continue to let places sell seats which are ff from 9 months

  • 'Beth G.

    Exactly it's so frustrating! I'm so sick of seeing tiny babies in forward facing unsuitable seats. When most of them presume they're fine because they state suitable from 9m+. Same goes with twisted straps, coats etc. Honestly drives me insane :cry:

  • Aisling H.

    Holy hell I wouldn't sit a dog in this!

  • April L.

    Louise did i see u was looking for one

    • Lou B.

      thanks hun but wanted a reclining one xxx

    • April L.

      No worries just saw it pop up x

  • Kyleigh C.

    Terrible seat. We bought. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND!

  • Holley J.

    Tad better than nania Mothercare and pampero

  • Laura-Jane W.

    group 1 is from 20lb but good deal for when baby is older xx

    • Becky W.

      Aww thanks weve already bought one that goes to 4 years xxx

  • Sarah M.

    Why do people scrimp on carseats!?

    • Laura F.

      .... because a lot of people are in a position where they have to scrimp on everything & don't have the luxury of choice.

    • Sarah M.

      A carseat isn't a luxury choice..its a necessity if a child is going to be in a car. I'd rather scrimp and save and get a decent well tested carseat then get one just because it's on offer.

    • Laura F.

      I was referring to choice being the luxury, not the carseat. Is this one not well tested?

    • Sarah M.

      Cheaper car seats tend to be bare minimum tested hence why they can sell them cheaply. Whereas more expensive car seats go through extensive testing.

    • Elizabeth M.

      Totally agree! I cringe when I see people pull up in brand new cars, all shiny and pretty and then open the doors and see a child in a cheap car seat/not strapped incorrectly! Surely the child's safety is paramount.

  • Sarah A.

    Already have a car seat on the way :slight_smile: thank you for checking xx

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