David Walliams Mega Monster Book £5.95 @ Amazon

We can't wait to read it!
David Walliams Mega Monster Book £5.95 @ Amazon

The latest David Walliams book, Mega Monster, has been a huge success, and right now it's a bargain price at Amazon. Grab the hardback for only £5.95 - that's 60% off the recommended price.

David Walliams Book Mega Monster

Mega Monster by David Walliams is illustrated by Tony Ross, so you can expect pictures to fire up your children's imagination.

The story is set in The Cruel School which is on a volcanic island, that's surrounded by shark-infested waters. In true Walliams style this book is both dark and utterly hilarious. This is the beauty of his books and why they appeal to kids and adults alike.

Expect a lot of silly goings-on, Doctor Doktur, a ‘Monsterfication Machine’ and a real like Mega Monster.

The Kindle Edition of David Walliams Mega Monster is also available for £7.

Delivery is free of charge for Prime members or those of you spending £10+ on eligible books.


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