'Would You Believe...'10 books £8.99 @ The Book People

books Pair up The Book People and Oxford University Press and what do you have?  GREAT DEALS!

I like quirky history and laws that seem strange to us now - did you know that by law taxi drivers are still required to carry adequate food to sustain their 'horses'?  Technically a full tank of petrol will do, but legally it should be hay or oats or other similar horsey food!  You can also still be hanged for treason if you set fire to the Queen's dockyards...anyway, moving on!

This set of  ten 'Would you believe' books from Oxford University Press are just the sort of thing that will bring history to life in such an amusing and entertaining way. With titles like Would you believe...in 1500, Platform Shoes were outlawed?! Would you believe...in 1400, reading could save your life?! and Would you believe a Circus Horse could count?! they are unlikely to forget the facts you tell them.

Whilst these books are aimed at 9 to 11 year olds I don't see why they shouldn't become part of your household library now and become part of discussions as and when relevant.  There are plenty of book series along these lines that I bought w a y before my children were of the 'appropriate' age to read them.  They have grown up with these books and were already firm favourites by the time they reached the recommended reading age.

These set of books should retail at £60 but are being offered for £9.99 by The Book People - use the following codes to drop this to £8.99 and get free delivery too!

FREEWED for 10% and IS001 for free delivery.

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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