The Simpsons - Simpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide (Seasons 1 - 20) £14.99 @ The Works

simpsonsUltimateEpisodeGuideBook Here's something for the older Simpson's fan - by older I mean over 12 years old - The Simpsons: The Ultimate Episode Guide (Seasons 1 - 20) book for just £14.99.

This book is enormous; 1,200 pages detail 20 years of episodes!

I remember when The Simpsons first hit our TV screens - it's amazing to think that was over 20 years ago - and the phrase, "Eat my shorts!" became common place.

A friend of mine bought Bart Simpson's album and we were all subjected to her dulcit tones crooning 'Do the Bart Man' for months; I can tell you, it was torture.

I've read the official description of this Simpsons World The Ultimate Episode Guide and I HAVE to come to the conclusion that this is for serious Simpsons fans only.  The ones who want to know all the ins and outs of every single episode. The ones who KNOW that there are gems of Simpsons trivia within those pages that could make the difference between winning and losing the pub quiz one day!

I've also had a quick look at the delivery charges and I imagine, as it's not going to be a light parcel, postage will cost you £5.00.

There are a few left in stock, but not many, so if this looks like it could be a Christmas present 'winner' for someone you know then hurry up and grab one while you can.

Thanks to midjet666 at HUKD

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