Shakespeare Story Collection (16 Books) £9.99 @ The Book Peopele

To buy, or not to buy shouldn't be your question when it comes to this Shakespeare Story Collection - 16 of William Shakespeare's most famous plays and stories have been rewritten especially for kids and you can have them all for just £9.99, instead of £79.84.

If you switch off when you hear the name Shakespeare because you had to read one of his plays during English Lit' at school, now's your chance to find out what the plays were REALLY about.

I remember everyone groaning when it was announced, in my English class, that we'd be reading A Midsummer Night's Dream and we'd each have to read some of it out loud - no one wanted to and everyone hated it.

Perhaps if we'd read the books that make up this Shakespeare story collection we'd have all enjoyed it a little more - you see, all of Shakespeare's stories are rather awesome and it's a real shame that lots of people end up missing out because they're not always the most light reading friendly!

Single item delivery will set you back and additional £2.80, but that's hardly bank account busting stuff.

Happy getting to grips with Shakespeare!

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