Personalised Pirate Potty Books £3 Off Using Code @ Penwizard

Personalised Pirate Potty Books £3 Off Using Code @ Penwizard

If you're having trouble with the potty training stage, or are getting near the time to give it a go then the famous potty training book Pirate Pete's Potty has helped loads of kids with this tricky stage.

Now you can get your very own personalised version of the story for your child, with their name in it, and you make the pirate look like them too!

You choose the skin tone, hairstyle and hair colour so that they become the pirate in the story, and then they have their very fun own book all about how to use the potty!

This book normally costs £14.99, but in honour of Talk Like A Pirate Day (yep, that's a thing!) you can get £3 off with the code PIRATE3.

You get to choose from nine different hairstyles, five different hair colours and four skin tones, add their name, and you also get to specify who is helping them with potty training so that the story will say "Mummy", "Daddy" or whoever is helping them in the right place in the tale. There's even glasses to add in a choice of styles for little ones who wear them.

We've seen lots of books where you can add the child's name to the story, but with younger children who are starting potty training a character in a story that actually looks like them will be even easier for them to relate to, and hopefully help with toilet training!

Home delivery costs an extra £2.50.


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  • Laura T.

    Or you could just get the normal one and change the name to your kids name when you read it out as most 2 or 3 year olds can't read!

    • PlayPennies

      With this story you can change the pictures so that the pirate looks like your child, by personalising the hair, skin tone and so on, so it's the images that are changed for you child as well as the words.

      • Laura T.

        Ah righto!

        • JoAnne S.

          We got the personalised Princess one and my 2 year old recognised her name every time she saw it. It came with personalised stickers and a potty training chart too :blush: she's been toilet trained for over a year now and it's still one of her favourite books!

        • Claire L.

          Ahh thanks. I'll take a look. X

          • Natalie L.

            I've just got Elsa one!

            • Krystal M.

              Oh I just bought that Pirate Pete one! Xx

              • Katie P.

                This is for potty training can get there names in it too x

                • Stacey D.

                  this looks like a good idea

                  • Sarah L.

                    Aw yeah think I'll be buying this lol x

                  • Sue A.

                    We will have to get one

                    • Sian S.

                      I'll tag in this as I thought it was a good idea something a bit more personal

                    • Chloe M.

                      we've got pirate Pete, it's a great story, Callen would love it, especially personalised!!!

                      • Roisin K.

                        Got it nic! We read it every night!!!

                        • Gemma D.

                          we had one of these and Sophie really liked it (we had princess version)