Peppa Pig Mini Rucksack Collection (10 Books) £6.99 @ The Book People

Peppa Pig Mini Rucksack Collection (10 Books) £6.99 @ The Book People

peppa1It's my birthday today and I LOVE getting books as pressies; if you've got a small Peppa Pig fan with a birthday coming up, then this Peppa Pig book collection might  be of interest to you!

Sadly I didn't get Peppa Pig books for my birthday today, but I did get a copy of Michael McIntyre's 'memoires'...I'm waiting to open the present that is time off for good behaviour to actually be able to sit down and read it.

But anyway, back to Peppa and her mini rucksack collection of 10 books.

Thanks to the 2.4 boy and girl pig nuclear family set-up of Peppa's family, Peppa Pig appeals to both genders. With 10 books costing £6.99 (instead of the rrp of £25) this is a big pressie for a small price.

You could even buy a couple of sets and split them up for party bag gifts and use the little rucksacks as prizes for pass-the-parcel and pin the tail on the donkey games.

Use this code and you'll get free delivery thrown in too: STB040

Thanks to Rhys135 over at HUKD!


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  • mahamri
    Thanks and Happy Birthday! my goddaughter is a huge peppa pig fan so this will be good for christmas. She got a Peppa pig birthday cake in July and she couldn't cut the cake, coz that meant cutting up peppa!
    • Sarah K.
      Oh shame, that's so sweet hahaha! :D You're welcome and thanks for birthday wishes!