Offer Stack: Up To 85% Off + Extra 10% Off + Free Delivery When You Spend £10 (Using Codes) @ The Book People (Expired)

Offer Stack: Up To 85% Off + Extra 10% Off + Free Delivery When You Spend £10 (Using Codes) @ The Book People (Expired)

Ready for some last minute bargain gifts? Head over to The Book People before midnight tonight and you can stack some offers for absolutely brilliant prices. They have a Flash Sale with savings of up to 85% off RRP, plus there's an EXTRA 10% off with the code 10FLASH, plus FREE delivery when you spend over £10 with the code AFREINDEER.

Here some of the best buys using those codes:

Make sure you use the code 10FLASH for that extra 10% off, and the code AFREINDEER for free delivery on orders over £10.

Offers end at midnight tonight, so you need to be quick, and orders will be delivered in time for Christmas.


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  • Sarah L.

    Just so people know, delivery is delayed and then they tell you half of the order is out of stock- I've waited nearly two weeks and still haven't got my order

    • Emma R.

      Its terrible that they are still advertising everything!! Money grabbing!!

      • Rachael C.

        They're usually very good when I order, although I've never ordered this close to Christmas. Maybe they're having trouble with the site and can't keep up with all of the orders. Any other time they're great.

        • Sarah L.

          Rachael Conner I ordered near to 3 weeks ago. They didn't tell me about the delay until I called them up. Really disappointed as I normally buy throughout the year not just at Xmas. X

          • Rachael C.

            Someone else has said they're having trouble with their systems. They should be letting people know on the site before they order though, people will still be expecting delivery before Christmas if they order a week or 2 before x

          • Katie G.

            I've been waiting ages for these Roald Dahl CD'S to be delivered because "delivery is delayed", yet they are still advertising them?! Not happy with the service I've received.

            • Joanna P.

              That's what I ordered - just spoken to them and they can't guarantee before Xmas :scream:

              • Katie G.

                What?! They told me it would definately be here before Christmas! I'm so annoyed!

                • Joanna P.

                  Katie Graham the lady I spoke to this evening said they were having major technical issues and the backlog for orders was massive - I ordered last Thursday and she couldn't even tell me what stage my order was actually at :scream: I asked to cancel and she said I could wait and see if they arrived next week and asked when I actually needed my order for - I said Xmas and if I waited to see if they arrived and they didn't I wouldn't have time to order from elsewhere! She then "tried" to cancel my order and wasn't even able to guarantee that had gone through on their system - I was sooo mad, such bad service as not even had a email to say the order was going to be delayed in the first place :rage: Hope your order arrives soon !

                • Usha K.

                  Yes delivery is delayed apparently my order will be with me for the 19th but I ordered over a week ago, if I get it late, I will not be happy!

                  • Gemma A.

                    Thanks, id just seen them but think they will be far too difficult so not going to bother now x

                    • Joanna P.

                      Don't bother ordering - I've just rung them to chase the order I ordered last Thursday and they are having major issue and cannot guarantee delivery before Christmas !!!! I've cancelled my order and they can't even guarantee the cancellation will go through as they are having issues with their systems !!

                      • Theresa W.

                        I just e-mailed them this morning about my order from last Thursday, the tracking system was down but I could ring instead!!! .First time I have ordered from them but not impressed. The annoying thing is we have a huge Book People warehouse 5 mins drive from our house but not open to the public.

                      • Donna D.

                        I had my Roald Dahl books last week after saying there was a delay but came the next day.

                        • Bethan D.

                          Awful delivery - better off paying a little more from Amazon!

                          • Liz W.

                            Really sorry to hear these negative comments. Been a regular customer for years and found the book people to be very reliable. Delivery is usually spot on. Fingers crossed you get your orders soon.

                            • beans

                              10% code doesn't work for me :(

                              • Kat-in A.

                                They've always been brilliant with our orders and we order regularly. Il