Octonauts Picture Book Collection £4.99 @ The Book People

octonautsPictureBooks If you pop over to The Book People, you'll be able to pick up this set of four Octonauts picture books for £4.99, instead of £19.96.

I only came across the Octonauts recently because I found a different book deal for them.

All of my children are too old for the Octonauts; I really don't think the 17 and 16 year olds would be impressed with this Octonauts picture book set for their upcoming birthdays, even my five-year-old didn't know anything about them.

So, for the uniformed here's a quick Octonauts 101...

The Octonauts is a TV series on cBeebies and features an eight member gang of deep sea explorers.

Captain Barnacles is a polar bear and the leader of the Octonauts crew, Kwazzi Kitten has a mysterious pirate past, Peso Penguin is the Octonauts medic and then there’s Daschi Dog, Shellington Sea Otter, Tweak Bunny – the engineer – Professor Inkling Octopus and Tunip the Vegimal.

Each of these four Octonaut picture books has 24 pages and are aimed at young book worms aged two and over, although they can be bought and given to a child younger than that - you can never be too young to look at books!

I've drawn a blank in my hunt for a free delivery code so a single item delivery charge of £1.95 will apply - if you have a free delivery code for The Book People, then do let us know.

Thanks to MKICampaign at HUKD

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