Night Before Christmas Hamper £12.50 @ Marks and Spencer

Night Before Christmas Hamper £12.50 @ Marks and Spencer

Night Before Christmas

The Night Before Christmas hamper for 'Father Christmas' is half price at Marks and Spencer including delivery.

What do you tell your children about Santa, and Christmas eve? This is a big question for me at the moment. My little girl is only one, so it's not such a big deal yet, but I'm guessing by next year, there'll be questions about the jolly old man with a white beard and big belly!

Do you put out cookies for Santa? A glass of milk? Oh, the lies (insert dramatic sigh here). If you do, and why not? It's such a lovely thing to believe in, for a time. If you do, this kit would be great for those of us who don't live in the fantasy world where we can spend our days baking gingerbread men.

The kit contains the Night Before Christmas book, a ceramic plate with Cookies for Santa written on it, as well as two gingerbread man cookies and a carrot gingerbread cookie and hot chocolate and mini marshmallows. It also contains chocolate Santas presumably for you to much on while reading the book – it seems cruel to give Santa Santa shaped chocolates to eat!

Yes, you could make this cheaper yourself, but maybe you can't, don't want to, or simply want a Christmas eve treat to make your little one happy – not bad for £12.50, including delivery.

Thanks to prettyprincess at HUKD


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  • pinkkitty2007
    Its £12.50 delivered not £6.50, at least it was when i bought it
    • Luschka
      Oh dear! Yes, it's 12.50! Thanks for pointing that out! I'll fix it now :)
      • Andrew S.
        Hi great news about the price - I featured it on my site