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I've written about this Little Miss Library Collection before but, as PlayPennies resident book obsessive, I would feel as though I were shirking my responsibilities if I didn't tell you about it again!

Back in stock with The Book People, you can pick up your very own Little Miss Library Collection of 36 books for £25 - the recommended list price is £90 and if you were to buy each book individually you'd be paying around £2.50/£3 a pop.

I'm not sure how Roger Hargreaves did it, but boys enjoy reading the Little Miss books just as much as girls and girls enjoy reading the Mr Men books just as much as boys; Edward, my six-year-old son, has a copy of Little Miss Star and she is one of his most favourite stories, still!

Thirty six books make up The Complete Little Miss Book Collection which, with a bit of basic maths, works out at 50 pence a book and THAT is a bargain; the books also come in a lovely presentation box so you can keep them all together.

Little Miss Neat thinks the presentation box is a lovely idea, Little Miss Tidy is willing to bet money on your kids NOT putting them away in the box, Little Miss Contrary says they might...but then again they might not and as for Little Miss I Told You So, well, I'm sure you can guess what she says!

There's no delivery to pay for your  Little Miss Library Collection so £25 really is the full amount of cash you're going to be parting with.

Thanks to bet80 at HUKD 

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