Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups £3.49 @ Amazon

Ladybird Books For Grown-Ups £3.49

When these Ladybird Books For Grown Ups were published a few months ago we loved them, and we've been waiting for them to drop in price. Now they are all half price at £3.49 each at Amazon, down from £6.99.

There are some really funny books included, and each one features new ironic text to accompany traditional Ladybird books images that we remember from our childhood. The 'Ladybird Book Of' titles include Dating, Hangovers, The Shed, Hipsters, The Mid-Life Crisis and Mindfulness, while the updated 'How It Works' series includes The Wife, The Husband and The Mum.

All are priced at £3.49, and you get free delivery on book orders of £10 or more, so you could grab a few for pressies to make the most of no delivery charges.

I quite like the idea of giving the 'Husband' and 'Wife' titles to newlyweds as a wedding gift, but that may be just my sense of humour.

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