Klutz Book Of Animation £8.23 @ Amazon

This Klutz Book of Animation is ABSOLUTELY the last thing I'm buying my youngest for Christmas!

Disaster struck last week - I'd bought the LEGO Darth Vadar Mini-Figure Clock I told you about and it was in the kitchen, ready and waiting to go upstairs.  My youngest and his dad made an impromptu visit and it was SPOTTED!!

Having been categorically told, "I don't like alarm clocks..." I'm now debating whether to take it back and replace it with this Klutz Book of Animation instead; I think I might...I hate being present busted!

So, this book - it looks rather awesome (watch the little video on Amazon) and looks like it will provide hours of fun not just on Christmas Day, but for days, weeks and months after that.

It will teach you how to make stop-motion animation and includes: animation software, one blob of plasticine clay, googly eyes (you've got to love googly eyes!) and links to Klutz created sample videos.

I can picture it now: the hottest new name in animation is being interviewed about their latest blockbuster that has smashed all previous animation records, "So, how did you get involved in animation?"  

"Well, it all started when I was given a Klutz Book of Animation for Christmas one year..."

The usual price for the Klutz Book of Animation is £12.99; you can pick it up for £8.93 until Amazon change the price.

Happy Animating!

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