Kids Freebie: Free Personalised Story For Children @ ELC

This is a really sweet idea from ELC that has more than just a free personalised story available to us beleaguered parents this summer. You can personalise a story, play games and enjoy other downloadable activities and online games for free at ELC’s Kids Zone.

The various things on offer for free at ELC include the Matching Pairs game which is played online and the Falling Acorns game that is strangely addictive as a parent too (for a while, anyway), and the free personalised story book option.

Click on Create your Own Story, enter in your child’s name and some other sweet details, and then print the book off for them to enjoy. Yes, you will need a printer and paper in order to enjoy this freebie, but as a book generator that lets your kids have some fun for free, it is just great. Oh, and you get to enjoy some choose your own adventure style moments too.

Thanks to TallerPaul at HUKD!

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