Grow Your Own Drugs £2.50 @ The Book People

Grow Your Own Drugs £2.50 @ The Book People

I'm all for home-grown drugs - the legal kind, you understand! - and I watched every episode of the Grow Your Own Drugs series on TV.

If you'd like to turn your back on chemical medicines whenever you can, in favour of a more homeopathic solution, then this book is definitely going to be for you.

In 2009 a young, funky and rather good-looking (in my opinion) ethnobotanist hit our TV screens promising to show how to make our own remedies from natural ingredients (time really is going by very fast, I could have sworn I watched this last year, not TWO years ago!).

His name was (and still is!) James Wong; he looks about 15 and trained to Masters level at the University of Kent and the Royal Botanic Gardens - so he knows what he's talking about - and made some AMAZING things.

Using the flowers, fruit, roots, trees, vegetables and herbs that are all around us, either in our gardens or hedgerows,  James shows you how to make preparations to help relieve a whole range of common conditions, including acne, anxiety, cold sores and general aches and pains.

Not only that, he has some GREAT recipes for beauty treatments like bath bombs, shampoos and face creams - I think some homemade Christmas bath bombs could be in order this year!

The Grow Your Own Drugs TV series was, really, very good and there's no reason to doubt the book will be anything less.

The Book People are selling it for just £2.50, rather than the £16.99 list price (Amazon have it up for sale at £11.29) and if you enter 241PLUS at the checkout, you'll get free delivery too.

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  • LuschkaPP
    I have this book and while there's a lot of it I'll never use, it had some pretty good ideas / advice. If you're 'into' that sort of thing, it's a pretty nice book.