Farmyard Ride Touch And Feel Board Book 99 Pence @ ELC

It's funny, we (or maybe just I) spend so long writing about potential Christmas stocking filler deals, it always feels strange to stop writing about them before Christmas has actually happened!

If you're after Christmas presents, still (and why didn't you get yourself organised sooner? It's not as if we haven't given you plenty of chances!), unless you go for an Amazon gift certificate or a printable iTunes voucher, you're going to have to go out into the big wide world.

There is, however, life and birthdays and 'just because' to buy for after Christmas, and this Farmyard Ride Touch and Feel board book makes for a great first book - they're currently on sale for 99 pence rather than their usual full list price of £4.

This rather lovely looking Farmyard Ride Touch and Feel board book got a few people over at Hot UK Deals a little bit excited the last time I wrote about it - it was in stock, then went out of stock ( very FAST!); its return to stock was monitored and traced with the sort of tactics the military would be proud of.

There was much rejoicing going on and if you just look at the cover alone (forget not judging books by their covers, I think it's safe to do so with this one), this touch and feel book just looks cute and cuddly!

The text is written in a rhyming style and each page features lots of touch-feely surprises for your young, aspiring book worm to explore and enjoy.  All of my children adored their touch and feel books when they were little - it didn't matter how many times they'd looked at them, if there was something on the page to touch, it had to be touched.

Standard home delivery within mainland UK, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man is free and will NOT  arrive in time for Christmas, unless you're very lucky, as things can take up to four working days to arrive.

Thanks to KellyC75 at HUKD

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