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This complete Little Miss book collection is something else I've written about a couple of times before (three, actually, if you want to be really precise) and it's back to being the cheapest I've seen it for - £20 instead of the full recommended price of £90.

As PlayPennies' resident book obsessive, it would be remiss of me not to tell you about this great Little Miss book collection again, and don't be fooled into thinking these stories are just for girls, they're not: Edward, my nearly seven-year-old son, has a copy of Little Miss Star and she is one of his most favourite stories, still! 

Thirty six books make up the Little Miss book collection which, with a bit of Year One maths, works out at 50 pence a book - an absolute bargain as far as I'm concerned (I was going to say 'in my book' but that's a pun too far, even for me!). The books also come in a lovely presentation box so you can keep them all together.

Little Miss Neat adore the presentation box and thinks  it is a lovely idea.  Little Miss Tidy is tempted to put money on your kids NOT putting the books back in the box (let alone the right order!), Little Miss Contrary says they might...but then again perhaps not, and as for Little Miss I Told You So, well, I'm sure you can guess what she says!

Now, here's a little 'Brucey bonus' for you: enter MYGIFT at the checkout and the Book People will send you a free gift (I don't know what it will be)

Thanks to gerrymig at HUKD

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