Children's Illustrated Internet Linked Encyclopedia £3.39 @ WHSmith

Children's Illustrated Internet Linked Encyclopedia £3.39 @ WHSmith

I've written about this Children's Illustrated Internet Linked Encyclopedia before, the last time was September last year, but now it's part of the WHSmith 'clearance books' section so this may well be your last chance to grab a copy - it'll set you back all of £3.39, its full price was £19.98.

When I was little I was a regular visitor to the local library.  I loved the kid's story book section, but I was always fascinated by the reference books section upstairs.

The entire floor was dedicated solely to dictionaries, encyclopedias, volumes and volumes of English case law and Hansard reports and archives of the local papers going back over 100 years; seeing that amount of knowledge and information just begging to be discovered was amazing to me and when I was nowhere to be seen in the kiddies section, upstairs is where I'd always be found!

My 'thing' for reference books remains just as strong today, so when I saw this Children's Illustrated Internet Linked Encyclopedia, there really was no question as to whether I'd buy it or not; I gave a copy to my youngest son for Christmas and he regularly dips in and out of it to help him with his homework, or just because he's thought of something and wants to find out about it.

It contains spectacular illustrations, photographs and maps.  There are thousands of entries on a huge range of topics and up-to-the-minute coverage of world events, and you can jump from one entry to another and find out more with comprehensive cross-references and there are hundreds of expertly selected links that will take you to the best websites for each topic.

This is such a wonderful book; it's big and hefty (hardback too, so it's robust) and, quite frankly, I think it should be standard issue for every child starting school - I can't wax lyrical about it much more so I'll just leave you to go and buy a copy whilst you still can!

Happy internet linking and learning!


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