Children's Books: That's Not My...Box Set £9.99 @

Children's Books: That's Not My...Box Set £9.99 @

boardBooksWHSmith have some lovely deals on children's books at the moment; I'm particularly taken with these little box sets of board books for titchy kids.

Board books are a great way to introduce littlies to reading.

Developing  a love for books from early on is very important, can you imagine a life without being able to enjoy getting lost in a good story?!

This little board book 'That's Not My...' box set is a lovely touchy-feely collection of little stories; the titles are:

  • That's Not My Bunny
  • That's Not My Teddy
  • That's Not My Monkey
  • That's Not My Monster

Each page has a different texture for tiny ones to explore and I've not read a single review that says a bad word about them.

Of That's Not My Teddy:

"I have 'read' books with my son books from when he was a couple of months old, but none light up his face and make him shriek with excitement as this one does."

Of the That's Not My...series as a whole:

"Any parent who hasn't discovered the Usborne touchy-feely 'That's not my X...!' series is missing out. The amount of joy my child has had from this series never fails to amaze me."

These lovely little books as a box set should should retail for £23.96 but are yours for £9.99.

There are lots more book in the That's Not My... children's book series for you to collect too.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!


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  • Emma K.
    Ooh I think I will buy these! My friend bought me "That's not my frog" in French, so I'd like some English ones too :) Credit card at the ready!
    • Lynley O.
      Yes I would definitely recommend getting them. Daniel had several of these little books, and you know what? He still likes to look at them! There's something particularly interesting about the textures on the page.
      • Emma K.
        I've been trying to get through the WH Smith checkout since my comment above, and it just refuses to accept any credit card details. I don't think it's my cards...
        • Emma K.
          These arrived today, my baby loves them! She keeps laughing at the monster on the front of the "where's my monster" book.