Bob The Builder Storybook Collection (20 Books) £9.99 @ The Book People

31 August 2010

BTBS BOB the Builder...can he fix it? BOB the Builder...yes he can! And YOU can fix any present problem for a Bob the Builder fan with this fabulous Bob the Builder storybook collection that's on offer with The Book People!

My cousin's eldest was always into Bob the Builder when he was small; my eldest was more of a Thomas fan so we only got into Bob the Builder when my youngest took a shine to him a few years ago.

But it's with nostalgia that I write this deal as, sadly, Bob's duties in my household have come to an end, as my youngest is now a rabid Star Wars Clone Wars fan and 'Bobber' (as he used to call him) doesn't work with a light saber - shame on him!

I spent many a bedtime hour reading Bob the Builder books and we built up the collection a couple of books at a time, whenever we wandered past Waterstones in town. I'm not even going to work out how much that cost all together, but one thing's for sure - it was more than the £9.99 that it will cost you if you buy them as a collection from The Book People!

Each book has 32 pages of Bob to indulge in and the included titles are as follows...

  • Dizzy and the Talkie-Talkie
  • Bob and the Big Plan
  • Wendy and the Surprise Party
  • Travis and the Tropical Fruit
  • Benny and the Important Job
  • Scruffty and the Goat Hunt
  • Spud and the Funny Trees
  • Pilchard and the Big Surprise
  • Dodger and the Dairy Delivery
  • Muck and the Machine Convoy
  • Scrambler and the Off-road Race
  • Flex and the Fix-it Day
  • Roley and the Woodland Walk
  • Packer and the Difficult Day
  • Sumsy and the Sunflower Spill
  • Scoop and the Bakery Build
  • Gripper, Grabber and the Sports Stadium
  • Lofty and the Singing Stars
  • Bristle and the Big Clean
  • Tumbler and the Skate Park

If you just buy this then the single item shipping cost of £1.95 will apply, rather than the standard £3.95.

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