Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit My First Tooth Box £4 @ Asda Direct

Beatrix Potter Peter Rabbit My First Tooth Box £4 @ Asda Direct

If you're looking for a cute little something to put your baby's first teeth in (after they've fallen out of course!) then you might want to pop over to Asda Direct and take a look at this little ceramic Peter Rabbit 'My First Tooth' pot - it costs £4, its original price (according to Asda) was £5, so not a massive saving, but it's either that or your own jewellery box and I know which I'd prefer.

(Amazon and MurraysGifts are selling it for £6.95 and H Samuel for £11.95, to give you some sort of comparison)

Keeping teeth is such a strange practice!  I mean, really, what is it all about?!  My mum kept my baby teeth for years and years and years - when I set up a home of my own she asked if I wanted to take back ownership of them,  "Erm, no thanks mum!" was my reply.

I got intrigued by this this morning and ran a quick search to see if I could find some answers, the main one seems to be purely for nostalgia - surely pictures of gappy smiles would be just as good?! - but another more modern reason is for the collection of stem cells, although you can't keep the teeth that fall out, you have to put them in a sterile vile, fill it with cold milk (water makes the cells in the teeth swell up like balloons apparently!) and then send it off the lab (at some extortionate cost to yourself I'd imagine - ooooh, cynical?  ME?!  Surely not!*grin*)

But I digress!  If you're of the teeth keeping persuasion and want something cutesy to keep them in (and gross your children out with when they're older) then this little Peter Rabbit 'My First Tooth Pot' may just be for you.

If you absolutely cannot get to your local Asda store to collect your Peter Rabbit 'My First Tooth' pot for free, then you can have it delivered to your home for an additional £2.95.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD


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