3 For £12 On Harry Potter Colouring Books @ Amazon

3 For £12 On Harry Potter Colouring Books @ Amazon

That new Harry Potter Book has got everyone HP daft again! I include myself in that. There's something so captivating about it all and I am holding my breathe for a Pokemon Go style Harry Potter Game to come out. Until then, I will make do with the Colouring Books.

Amazon have the Harry Potter Colouring Books on a '3 for £12' offer, which makes them just £4 a piece. A brilliant price from them considering you can pretty much pay anything from £5-£10 each for them.

The best saving is when you buy the Harry Potter Colouring Book Compact Edition* £7.99, Harry Potter Magical Creatures Postcard Book 2*£7.99 and Harry Potter Postcard Colouring Book 1*£7.35. Before the offer you would have paid £23.33 but with the offer you are pay just £12, which makes a £11.33 saving.

You can have your Harry Potter Colouring Books delivered for FREE whether you have Amazon Prime or not as long as you are spending £10+.


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