1000 Things To Make And Do Book £6.99 @ The Book People

This 1000 Things to Make and Do book looks rather fabulous for keeping the kids entertained and out of mischief for the rest of the Christmas holidays, the price looks rather fabulous too as The Book People have reduced it down to £6.99 from £20.

There are enough projects here to keep your child amused for over almost three years if they just did one thing a day; imagine that, peace and quiet for that long!

Although the downside would be having 1000 'things' to have to find homes for them all if your child is anything like my youngest and becomes distraught at the idea of throwing any of this arty crafty creations away!

Whether your child likes sticking, cutting out, painting or drawing there's plenty of everything crammed into the pages of this book, which may just save your sanity throughout all of the school holidays still to come between now and Christmas 2012 (not that I'm wishing time away you understand!).

Here's what one 1000 Things to Make and Do owner has to say about it...

"This Usborne book is packed full of inspirational ideas and is a must for creative arts activities. I ordered it to help keep our grandchildren occupied and it certainly achieves this goal. So many exciting ideas and what a bargain!"

Marvellous; happy making and doing!

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