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COVE "What bedtime story would you like tonight....?"


Girls have stories about fairies and princesses and cutesy animals and all sorts of other girly things.  Boys have Thomas and the gang but sometimes they like to get their little teeth into something more... 'scary'.

But you see it's NOT scary, it's EXCITING - something I've been told on several occasions by my nearly-four-year-old.  So if you have a fearless boy - or girl, let's not discriminate here - then this collection of 10 Dinosaur Cove books will be right up their street.

Jamie and Tom discover Dinosaur Cove and from that moment on have wild adventures with dinosaurs that include NOT being eaten by a beady-eyed and hungry T-Rex.

These stories are aimed at kids between the ages of five and seven and have short chapters that your young readers will be able to manage; the plots are also quick-moving so they won't get bored and bogged down with slow storylines.  And if that wasn't enough for them the books come with stickers too.

The rrp on this collection is £49.90 but those wonderfully generous chaps from The Book People are letting them go for a published price of £9.99 - but as you probably know by now we want you to have them even cheaper, so use the following voucher codes to drop the price even further to £8.99:  free delivery - AFF210 and10% discount - IS001

Sweet dreams *ROOOOAAAAARRR* (that was my best T-Rex impression....not very scary at all apparently!)

Thanks to andywedge over at HUKD!

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