Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel £9.98 (And Other Wunderbrow Bargains) @ Amazon

Wunderbrow Eyebrow Gel £9.98 (And Other Wunderbrow Bargains) @ Amazon

It's £19.95 at Boots, Superdrug and pretty much everywhere else that sells it. Get over to Amazon today and you can snap up that famous Wunderbrow for just £9.98! There's also more Wunderbrow items reduced too.

What is Wunderbrow? It's a Eyebrow Gel that claims to give you perfect brows in 2 minutes. Now, this stuff is raved about in Facebook Groups and online reviews so I reckon it must be good.

Available in Blonde, Brunette, Auburn, Black/Brown and Jet Black.

I have always wanted to try it but I didn't want to waste £20 if it wasn't for me. At just under a tenner it's worth a punt.

Delivery is FREE for Amazon Prime members, or those of you spending £20+.


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  • Leanne J.

    I use the black :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

    • Lisa F.

      I've just ordered as supposed to be really good xx

      • Melissa J.

        this is meant to be good

        • Tracy S.

          Can you ring me

        • Amy S.

          Oooooh thank you!! :kissing_heart: xx

          • Claire R.

            Yes!!! It’s just fab xx

            • Jodie W.

              Ordered! Await ‘the brows’

              • Claire R.

                Hehe the struggle is real... I literally have none left after the 90,s pluck a thon lol.... I have a drawer full of stuff!!

                • Jodie W.

                  Ha ha! Try microblading, my friends look amazing! I just hope I’ve ordered the right bloody colour :flushed: xx

                  • Claire R.

                    I might actuallyx