6ft Greenland Christmas Tree £9.75 @ Tesco Direct

6ft Greenland Christmas Tree £9.75 @ Tesco Direct

After a new Christmas Tree but not wanting to pay through the nose? This 6ft Greenland Christmas Tree is the one for you then. Not only is it a decent size but it's now only £9.75, reduced from £13.

The 6ft Greenland Christmas Tree comes in three parts and easy to assemble. You get the tree top, middle pole and bottom pole.

It has the four legged stand to ensure it stands as stable as possible. You know what it's like though when you have Christmas crazed kids, cats and dogs. That tree needs all the help it can get!

For under £10, it sure gets a good write up. Just read those reviews if your sceptical.

You can Click and Collect the 6ft Greenland Christmas Tree for FREE from a Tesco near you or pay £3 to have it delivered to your front door.


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  • Sarah H.

    Oh my god! What a bargain x

    • Laura F.

      Just ordered 1 thanks:thumbsup_tone2:

      • Aimee D.

        Bargain! We want another one xx

        • Lucianne D.

          Ordered it thank you xxxx

          • Holly A.

            Literally just bought one!!

            • Kirsty C.

              what a great deal:speak_no_evil: xxx

              • Kate S.

                That's a nice price

                • Kim M.

                  Just orderes 3 trees :joy::joy: