Eight Ways To Beat The Cost Of Valentine’s Day

You are going to hate me, I just know it, but it is less than a month until Valentine’s Day. So before you start throwing roses at me, this is a good time to start planning what you are going to do about it. Unless you don’t believe in it, at which point, “Move on, nothing to see here…”

I went out to find brilliant ideas for you to make this day of hearts and flowers really special, without spending a lot of money and here they are…

1. The Love Note

The old fashioned letter, the little note that says, “I love you”, the postcard you sent – these are all stunning declarations of love that don’t ask you to spend over £10 on a Valentine’s Day card that is so fancy it can wash your dishes.

Pop a note next to her work computer saying, “I love you”. Get a friend who lives overseas to post your postcard for you, time it to arrive as close to the day as possible. Write a letter telling them why you love them.

2. Cook

It doesn’t matter if you are the world’s worst cook or that the only thing you can make is toasted cheese. Buy a lovely cheese, or get some ready meals, but make that dining room table into a beautiful scene of heartfelt romance.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean that you smother her in rose petals or that the table is a fire hazard either. Just surprise her by making sure she has nothing to do but eat her meal and relax.

3. Hide the kids

Yes. Put the kids somewhere she can’t see them. If you are lucky enough to have grandparents nearby, ask them (if they are not celebrating Valentine’s Day, of course) if they wouldn’t mind having the children for the night and surprise your partner with a chore-free evening.

Or arrange for the kids to go to a friend’s house the night before so she gets her Valentine treat a day early. However, if finding a safe place to hide the children is not forthcoming, then do absolutely every single part of putting them to bed while your partner relaxes on the sofa with some wine. Lovely.

4. A small gift

Did you get your partner a Kindle for Christmas? Well, with all this lovely time spent relaxing why not nab them a nice book to read? These can be as cheap as 99p or completely free so they won’t cost you a thing, it will be the thought that counts. The same applies to any other Valentine’s Day gift you may think of giving.

Instead of forking out a fortune, just get something small that you know they really want but that isn’t expensive.

5. The voucher

One idea that I love and that has worked really well for a lot of people, is the voucher. Create these online (you can get templates using Microsoft Word or any of the Open Source platforms too), print them out and then write a special treat as the prize.

Ideas for vouchers can be anything from allowing them a full day to play WoW to washing the dishes or bathing the kids. These are often far more appreciated than anything else that costs money. I know that this year I am hinting massively for a Valentine’s Day voucher gift.

6. Find a freebie

Instead of paying for a day at an expensive restaurant, why not find out what’s free in your area and do that instead. This can range from a walk in the local park to the nearest museum or art gallery that has free entry.

7. Buy a game

When was the last time you played a board game with your partner? Just the two of you? Why not try something new and have an evening of giggling over a bottle of wine while playing? There are so many different board games for adults out there so read some reviews, make a choice, and get playing. You will be surprised at how much fun you’ll have.

8. Watch a movie

Yes, yes, the whole “movie night at home” thing is as old as the hills when it comes to cheap Valentine’s Day treats. But actually, paying for two DVDs is almost the same as going to the movies and that’s not counting snacks and drinks. However, what about letting your partner choose the venue and the movie. Let that be their present.

If your family is like mine, nobody has the same taste in movies so telling your partner that they get to choose the film and the snacks is a pretty cool Valentine’s Day gift all in itself. And that’s all you’ll need to buy so you’ve saved quite a bit of cash at the same time.

Got any ideas of your own? Do share!

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  • LynleyOram
    A love letter! You know what, I think that's absolutely the BEST idea I've seen anywhere. How often do we actually WRITE these days? Like about never. It is SO easy to forget about things like that, but honestly how much more would a hand written love letter mean?! I'm going to look for some really nice, heavy, creamy paper and do one for Valentine's this year. Something to really keep and treasure, and you never get keepsakes like that these days.

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