NEW Unicorn Celebration Cake £10 @ Asda

NEW Unicorn Celebration Cake £10 @ Asda

I have been repeatedly watching the Unicorn Cake tutorials over on You Tube over the last few months, I am determined to make one for my daughter's birthday. Thankfully Asda have come to my rescue!

They have a brand new Unicorn Celebration Cake and it is magnificent! That saves me the hassle of baking one!

This beautiful Unicorn Cake is available at Asda for just £10, I don't think you could buy the ingredients for that price! It is new in and I expect it will sell fast!

It truely is a thing of wonder. Complete with a magical unicorn mane made from pastel coloured buttercream which goes right down the back of the cake, plus a fondant horn and ears, all the little details are accounted for. It serves 18 people but can of course be cut thinner and smaller if you have more guests to cater for.

My daughter had an Asda cake for her birthday last year and it tasted delicious. I bought the Rainbow Jazzie Cake* for just £12.50 and decorated it with bunting and cake toppers. It really went down a storm.

This Unicorn Cake is available in store and online.

Image courtesy of Asda Facebook.


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  • Helen O.

    brekkie and cake ?':joy:

    • Alison M.

      joint birthday cake :thumbsup_tone1: xx

      • Stacie M.

        Seen these yesterday :joy: yours was better xx

        • Nichola R.

          It's cute but she would like everything frozen for Elsa coming! :joy::snowflake: xx

          • Nicky C.

            yes I saw this other day :unicorn: love it x

            • Kasia B.

              Of course :). I remeber 2 years ago she was all about peppa :) xx

              • Nichola R.

                Yes lol she's actually so into my little pony just now I'm surprised she didn't want that instead! :joy: she said that's for next year... haha! Xx

                • Nichola R.

                  A menace :joy: we'll need to catch up properly soon :blush: xx

                  • Kasia B.

                    Yes, definately! Sunday maybe? Xx

                    • Paula S.

                      That's the one she's getting she picked it on Sunday lol

                      • Jodene A.

                        Looks like you've got a trip to asda :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:

                        • Jenny W.

                          :ok_hand: this is mine :joy::joy::joy:

                          • Zoe S.

                            I deserve this for my birthday eh :thinking::joy:

                            • Ashleigh B.

                              No chocolate caterpillar this year :joy::joy:

                              • Snowey S.

                                It's a shame u are not near because I'd get it u

                                • Ashleigh B.

                                  U have a few months to arrange a sitter :joy: x

                                  • Ashleigh B.

                                    That's me telling u aswell not asking :joy: I need a excuse for a night out asap :joy:

                                    • Zoe S.

                                      You will need all the vodka you can get after looking after 3 bairns :see_no_evil::joy: it's okay we can be sick together :joy::joy:

                                      • Leanne J.

                                        Does your store have it in? X

                                        • Rachael C.

                                          I know! I think that may be on the Birthday list!