NEW Smash Cakes @ Asda

NEW Smash Cakes @ Asda

Much as I would love to be a cake baker worthy of Bake Off, that's simply never going to be the case, so with my toddler's birthday looming I have been on the look out for a fab cake for him. Luckily Asda have come to my rescue again, as they have just added these amazing new Smash Cakes to their Party Cake range.

There's a Chocolate one or a Vanilla one and each has a chocolate dome on the top that you smash with a spoon to reveal a layer of hidden sweets! How wonderful does that sound! It's a bit different to blowing out a candle, and I think Birthday Boys and Girls will have great fun smashing the top of the cake.

Both flavours are £13, and they can be bought in stores or added to your grocery home delivery order.

They are brand new so you should be able to get them in most stores, and I hope they will still be selling them in May when I need to buy a Birthday Cake. Now we just have to decide which flavour!


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  • Gemma H.


    • Tasha P.


      • Tasha P.

        £13 each that's good! X

        • Joanne B.

          I just pictured lakes punching her way through it lol x

          • Tasha P.

            I can only imagine the mess she's going to make with the cake Iv ordered .. s garden may need a makeover after lol x

            • Lou W.

              I'm prepared for the mess ;) ;)

            • savethemoney

              Already bought this on weekend. My daughter's 8th birthday is coming up on 21st April. Let see how it goes ...

              • Amanda J.

                yes please :wink:

              • Gemma L.

                MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!