Kids Freebie: 10 Free Custom Made Temporary Tattoos

Kids Freebie: 10 Free Custom Made Temporary Tattoos

It isn’t often that I write a post about tattoos. Actually, I think this is the very first time that I have ever written about tattoos here on PlayPennies. And these are pretty cool dudes right here for not only are they custom made, they are free.

I love the name of the store – Soap and Water – what a brilliant title for a shop that sells temporary tattoos! Genius. Anyway. You can get your very own samples of their custom made temporary tattoos by simply clicking on the link above and filling in the box on the page.

You’ll need to include your email address, name, company name and address (name and company name are not required fields) to get your ten free tattoos posted to you. The tattoos included in the pack range from a Skype logo to a Monster energy logo to other brands and lablels.

Thanks to comboking at HUKD!


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