Helps Stop Snoring Review

4 August 2012

When I was pregnant with my first child I really suffered with light sleeping and, coincidentally, my poor partner was hit with a bout of snoring. Honestly, I ended up moving into the spare room for a while, at least until his nose sorted itself out.

I wish I had known about Helps Stop Snoring then because snoring became such an issue. Recently, I got a little purple bottle of this product as I was the one, apparently, doing the snoring. I tend to do this, embarrassingly, every time I get a cold or work long hours as both upset my system.

Out came the Help Stop Snoring and I applied a squirt of spray to see if I could offer my husband a better night’s sleep. Now the product is made from a blend of essential oils that help tone the soft tissues at the back of the throat. These tissues are the ones that relax and vibrate as we breathe causing that vile snoring noise.

The spray costs £7.14 and it lasts for about five weeks at a spray a night and there is also a throat rinse that is the same price and you use after brushing your teeth. The Helps Stop Snoring Throat Rinse actually has anti-bacterial and breath freshening benefits too. Which is nice. Sort of like, terrible snoring but great breath!

Did the spray work? Well, I have to say that in our test scenario it did and it didn’t. On the first two nights I apparently – basing my verdict on my husband’s responses here – either didn’t snore or I did it very quietly because he had two uninterrupted nights of sleep. Then on the next three nights I did wake him up snoring so I did a quick re-spray and we both went back to sleep just fine. For us, it seemed to work but I think that the results may be quite subjective. However, the price is good enough to make it worth trying just once, especially if you're not getting any sleep because one of you is snoring.

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