Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System

28 July 2011

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Ok, so I utterly and completely adore anything that does something automatically. A restaurant that has automatic menus sliding out of the table? Yes, please. A hand wash that automatically dispenses the right amount onto your hand? Definitely!

I got the Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash system a few weeks ago and it came with the automatic dispenser and a bottle of the lovely smelling hand wash. Setting it up was easier than whisking an egg. You open the box, pull out the battery control slip, reset the battery compartment, slot in the hand wash, and turn it on. That’s it.

Just don’t do what I did and hold your hand under the sensor while turning it on. Yes, I know the instructions specifically tell you not to…

The PR blurb that comes with the system is that it encourages kids to wash their hands more often. I was sceptical but I also happened to be in possession of a child that has to be constantly chivvied into washing her hands. It’s a pain.

So, I set up the system at lunch time and proceeded to spend the next few hours bouncing up and down with excitement for when I collected her from school. Could this lovely automatic machine make my child excited about hand washing?

The answer is…


When she came home we read the instructions together (wet hands, hold under sensor, wash, rinse, go) and she proceeded to do it three times. Now, if I forget to wet my hands before putting them under the Dettol No-Touch, she lectures me.

While she still forgets to wash her hands from time to time, I have to admit that the automatic dispenser, along with its funky noises and scrummy smelling soap, has made her more conscientious. And I honestly can’t fault the price either – a lovely £6.65 on Amazon!

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  • Matt
    A quick tip. Rather than buying the expensive refills, just buy a regular handwash gel, make a hole in the top of the dispenser bottle and pour in. Job done.
  • Lynley O.
    Ace! I might think of buying one then. How do you make the hole - I mean does it permanently damage the dispenser?
  • Matt
    The dispenser comes in two parts. The dispenser itself and the bottles that slot into the dispenser, which of course have a special cap on so they slot into it. You're making the hole in the top of the bottle, so the dispenser itself is actually untouched. I made the whole with a heated screwdriver. It means that you dont have the buy the pricey refills, as of course the dispenser is designed only for the one shape of bottle from dettol. Only thing is to avoid using handwash thats too thick in consistancy as it clogs up the nozzle. Somthing similarly runny does the trick.
  • Lynley O.
    thanks for the tip Matt. That's pretty cool!
  • Dawn
    Okay I can understand about encouraging young ones to wash hands. BUT i cant stand the advert which says no more germy dispenser...YOUR WASHING ANY GERMS OFF!!! Aargh!
  • Lynley O.
    You make a good point. How many of us touch the dispenser pump AFTER we've washed our hands? It is always before isn't it. Still the advert is correct in that the dispenser won't have germs on it since you don't ever touch it.
  • dawn
    But what about the taps you touch before and after...Mmmm!? ;0) Wont even mention the door handle!?
  • Lynley O.
    I have taps that you turn on and off with elbows. Isn't that fairly standard in kitchens at least? That's where you have to be most worried about germ contamination. I've never touched anything like a door handle or cupboard handle after handling, say, raw meat. I always wash my hands first. In the toilet, well presumably my hands aren't germy before I go in, and I always wash my hands before opening the door. Unless you don't have a wash basin in the toilet? That could definitely be a problem. But it is in the kitchen that I have the most need of it really. Especially when baking I find I end up washing my hands a thousand times. No matter how much I try to remember not to, it is just such an automatic act to touch your face.

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