16 Piece Elle Dinner Set £7.99 @ Halfcost

4 July 2010

dinner If you’re on the prowl for a dinner set that won’t bankrupt you then this one should appeal to you. It’s a 16 piece set in either red or orange for only £7.99 and is surprisingly rather lovely. I think it looks pretty good for something that cheap myself!

The floral design and bold contrast colours make this set into a stunning and cheerful addition to any dining table. If your kitchen colours are blue, green or red, then this set will complement it beautifully.

The set consists of four dinner plates, four side plates, four soup/cereal bowls, and four mugs. The entire set is dishwasher and microwave friendly too. Which is a bonus because I really hate washing the dishes. Lately, as time dinner2becomes more of a precious commodity, anything that doesn’t fit or work with the dishwasher is out.

If the coloured sets don’t appeal to you then they also have a 20 piece cream dinner set for only £9.99 that includes four extra cereal bowls. However, this kit only has 20 sets left in stock so you’d better act fast if you want these ones.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!

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