The £5 School Uniform Coming Soon To Aldi

The £5 School Uniform Coming Soon To Aldi

The new school uniform deals are about to hit the stores, and an incredible £5 School Uniform offer is coming to Aldi! This year the budget supermarket will once again be aiming to be the cheapest place to pick up your school supplies, by selling a full school uniform for just £5, both online and in stores from mid July.

This special deal is a jumper, set of two polo shirts and either a skirt or a pair of trousers all for £5, and that makes them pretty unbeatable value for money.

The Back To School range will include School Shoes, School Sports Kit, School Bag, Pens, Pencil Cases and more all sorts of essentials as well as uniform.

It will hit stores from 13th July 2017, with pre-orders available online from around 6th July. It's well worth putting the date in your diary, as the online orders sold out in minutes last year, and we fully expect the same to happen again this time!

We will keep you up to date with information closer to the time, and will be letting you know about all the best Back To School and School Uniform offers.


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  • Rebecca H.

    do you understand how excited I am about this...... it's like my dream came true. #bargains #aldi

    • Zoe D.

      Oooo defo gona have to get a few of them :blush:

      • Holly T.

        How small do they do though x

        • Tasha L.

          This is where we got Harley's and Sophia's last year wasn't it?

          Can't fault it at all xx

          • Lucy B.

            Cheers. I've got most of Lucilles bits for school but I'll have a look. :thumbsup_tone1:

            • Alisha C.

              Ooo I will have a nose :-)

              • Laura G.

                Yeah got loads of the pants and polo's from there. We go through so many shirts with the bean sauce haha xx

                • Jennifer O.

                  I get it every year. It's brill x

                  • Laura G.

                    Good to know, think I'll definitely be getting it :relaxed:

                    • Jennifer O.

                      It goes quick so get everything u need in one go. I always get 2 sets a size up too for later in the year lol x

                      • Jess B.

                        Can never get this never seem to do purple jumpers or yellow polo shirts

                        • Andrea B.

                          But it washes rubbish though! Polo shirts shrunk and ended up being binned and new ones bought :confused:

                          • Allison W.

                            There school uniform is fab I buy it every year for Martha!! x

                            • Melanie G.

                              I got the little ones from here two years ago. Didn't like the quality but thxs.

                              • Fran H.

                                I can't wait to start buying it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                • Denisha H.

                                  I went last year shin shys skirts are still going:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

                                  • Nikki W.

                                    Lidl did this last year and all went as soon as it come in!!! X

                                    • Jennie-Ellen M.

                                      I got Aldi stuff it's the best of all her uniform!

                                      • Nikki W.

                                        Will have to get there in day comes in x

                                        • Donna C.

                                          The polo shirts are see through and shrink up about 15cm when washed. The knitwear is nice though.