Full School Uniform For £5 @ Aldi

£5 School Uniform @ Aldi

EDIT 08/07/18: Aldi School Shop is now live online! School uniform, school shoes, stationery, school bags and more available to pre-order online now, and in stores from Thursday 12th July.

The children haven't broken up from school yet, but the stores are already beginning to line up their Back To School offers, and Aldi have announced the return of their £5 Full School Uniform offer!

The £5 School Uniform will be available for both boys and girls, and for your £5 you'll be able to pick up:

  • 2 Pack Polo Shirts
  • Round Neck Sweatshirt
  • Pair of Trousers or Skirt

Their Back To School Event will be online from Sunday 8th July, and in stores from Thursday 12th July, and as well as the full uniform for a fiver they will be selling P.E. kits, school shoes and Back To School accessories like backpacks and stationery too. as well.

Prices have not yet been revealed, but we will keep you updated when we get more information.

Last year Lidl managed to undercut the Aldi deal with a full uniform for under £5, so we will be watching closely to see what offers they come up with to compete!

Get those dates in your diary and get ready to grab a bargain!

(UF) Full School Uniform For £5 Coming Soon @ Aldi

(UF) Full School Uniform For £5 Coming Soon @ Aldi

(UF) Full School Uniform For £5 Coming Soon @ Aldi

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  • Sharon O.

    Gonna save the date now x

  • Hayley D.

    I will be getting a few bits here.

  • Donna C.

    Does anyone know if the boys trousers are adjustable waists, thank you in advance.

  • Jackie S.

    Might as well get him kitted out xx

  • Laura G.

    Awesome! Thanks dude :sunglasses: xxx

  • Louise M.

    they come up small so you may have to get a bigger size

  • Cal B.

    Bellas got another year in nursery yet xx

  • Emma H.

    That’s really good!! I’ve got all his tshirts and pants thou x

  • Michaela L.

    I haven’t started yet :weary:! I may have a look at the tops, even if it was just spares and got the main ones from Asda xx

  • Kyra T.

    Yeah their good for the money x

  • Abbey B.

    I'll be grabbing some then

  • Becky C.

    In the calendar ready!hope it’s the same as last year x

  • Chloe C.

    Can never have to many tshirts ive got all keegans shirta just need trousers tie school jumper nd shoes x

  • Louise M.

    Might pick up a couple of bits and bobs xx

  • Katie M.

    They haven’t broken up yet. If I brought my sons uniform 6 weeks before he went back none of it would fit him.

  • Kealey R.

    That’s good have to go have a nose xx

  • Rachel M.

    Good deal if it was polo t-shirt I nedded but need shirts and school logo jumper xx

  • Kayleigh D.

    Remind me of the date a bit closer!!! We’ll have to get on this. jumpers have been brill :thumbsup:

  • Vicky E.

    Love the little school skirt xx

  • Rachel A.

    She has to wear the school colours so I can never get them this cheap

  • Vanessa W.

    Keep eye open for these coming in store

  • Ellie Q.

    We will have to keep an eye out

  • Kelly A.

    Not if they’re at high school and they have to have certain blazers, skirts, etc!! My daughters skirts cost almost 25 quid EACH!!!

  • Amber D.

    Oh my!!!! And it’s after pay day :sunglasses:

  • Elena F.

    Will need to keep an eye out for when it’s on x

  • Jade K.

    Blue polos and grey trousers sold out in online already!!!

  • Elisha S.

    good for cheap school uniform xx

  • Kellylouise E.

    Hope there's some left later xx

  • Kirsty A.

    Oh must get some again. This was great for Poppie last year. Thanks. Xx

  • Laura D.

    Iv got to order Harvey's as they have to have proper jumpers n shirts

  • Ell H.

    yeah but just thought of trousers for you Hun

  • Laura D.

    Yh worth a look ta hun u know me fussy when it comes to uniform quality.

  • Ell H.

    oh are you lol I don’t mind a bargain

  • Kelz W.

    Lunch bag r already sold out that go with the school bags :see_no_evil:

  • Pollyanna H.

    Most people but online or pre order so they go really quick

  • Natalie W.

    Will this work if I look online? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Natalie W.

    Most the clothes in his size are out of stock :weary:. Will need to be on it sooner next year! Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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