Vtech First Steps Baby Walker £14.99 @ Amazon

27 October 2012

Amazon are selling this Vtech First Steps Baby Walker for £14.99 - it's usual retail price is £29.99.

My eldest niece had a Vtech First Steps Baby Walker when she was really little and to say she adored it would be a huge understatement!

There are lots and lots of activities 'on board' the Vtech First Steps Baby Walker: all the usual bells, whistles and chimes; flashing lights, spinning dials, buttons to push and light up musical keys to press and play.

Your child will be introduced to words, numbers, animals, colours, sing-along songs and melodies.  There's a telephone handset as well - a firm favourite of kids of any age; such a shame they hit the teenage years and want proper mobile ones that cost money - and the entire activity centre part of the Vtech My First Steps Baby Walker can be removed from the wheels and played with on the floor.

All of the usual Amazon delivery options apply: free if you don't mind waiting a few days for delivery, or not free if you need it quickly.

Thanks to Cxt115 at HUKD

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