Tomy Bath Fountain Rocket £7.49 @ Amazon/Argos

Tomy Bath Fountain Rocket £7.49

Bathtime is so much fun when you are little. It's fun when you are an adult too and the kids leave their toys within your reach. Tomy really make the best Bath Toys, like the Tomy Foam Cone Factory*... the kids love it, even I can't resist playing with it. This Tomy Bath Fountain Rocket looks awesome too and is reduced to just £7.49 at both Amazon and Argos.

The Tomy Bath Fountain Rocket is a basic toy that doesn't requires batteries. Just hold it under the water and it'll fill up. 3-2-1 lift off! Shoot it up into the air and the water comes shooting out in a dome shape.

It's suitable for aged 12 months and over. This is a great present for a little person - you just can't go wrong with something so fun. You could use it to make rinsing shampoo out fun.

Read the reviews for this, especially the first one on the Argos site, and you will have no doubt that this is a bargain for just £7.49.

Reserve and Collect for FREE from Argos or pay £3.95 to have it delivered to your front door. If you have Amazon Prime or plan on ordering £20+ from Amazon then you'll get FREE delivery.

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