Playskool Explore N Grow Gears Centre £13.50 @ Debenhams

If you're looking for a cause and effect toy for a young baby aged nine months or older, then you might want to take a look at this Playskool Explore n Grow Gears Centre.

'Playskool Explore n Grow Gears Centre' - I know it's not the most exciting name in the world, it hardly screams 'hey kids! this is really fun to play with' but it looks rather good and your little one isn't going to know what it's called anyway.

With this Playskool Explore n Grow Musical Gear Centre there are buttons to press and balls to drop into tubes which trigger all sorts of causes and effects.

Pressing the button activates music and motion to capture developing aural and visual senses; when the balls drop onto the track your child can follow its progress  as it falls down the tube and spins at the bottom.

There are spinning gears on the side which turn the smiling face round and round; the balls and gears are compatible with all the other Explore n Grow toys, which I think is a rather nice touch, and the two AA batteries the Playskool Explore n Grow Gears Centre requires are not included, which I do NOT think is a really nice touch.

Missing batteries aside, Playskool always make great toys; they provide hours of fun for little kids whilst teaching them all sorts of valuable skills at the same time.

Enter code DB2U (it's case sensitive by the way) into the promotion box in your basket and your Playskool Explore n Grow Gears Centre will come down in price to £13.50 from it's original £30.

Thanks to Noddysu at HUKD

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