Mamas And Papas Barnaby Buttons: 75% Off @ Mamas And Papas

mamasAndPapasBarnabyButtons The Mamas and Papas Barnaby Buttons range has had up to 75% taken off.

This is excellent news

  1. The Mamas and Papas Barnaby Buttons range is just GORGEOUS
  2. With 75% off there are some serious bargains to be had for anyone wanting to kit out their nursery of child's bedroom

If I was expecting then I'd definitely choose the Mamas and Papas Barnaby Buttons range - just look at him, he's the most gorgeous teddy bear and his tummy button is a big...button.

In fact, if there's the option just to buy him as a bear I'm going to, even though I'm not preggars, don't know anyone who is and none of my kids are into bears; I a d o r e him.

Check out these prices and then get yourself over to M&P; even though the Barnaby Button discounts are 'Offer of the Week', at these prices I don't envisage him staying in stock for long.

  • Bedding Set - £99.00 £39.00
  • Moses Basket - £89.00 £45.00 (web exclusive)
  • Cot/Cot Bed Bumper - £42.00 £10.50 (web exclusive)
  • Quilt and Pillowcase set - £72.00 £18.00 (web exclusive)
  • Tab Top Curtains - £65.00 £16.25 (web exclusive)
  • Wallpaper Border - £11.00 £2.75 (web exclusive)
  • Fabric Lantern - £26.00 £6.50 (web exclusive)
  • Baby Sleeping Bags from £30.00 £14.00/£15.00 (web exclusive)
  • Canvas Pictures - £30.00 £7.50 (web exclusive)
  • Changing Mat - £24.00 £12.00

It's entirely possible that there are more Mamas and Papas Barnaby Buttons items to be had instore as well, so if you've fallen in love with him and have an M&P near you then it might be worth paying them a little visit.

Thanks to Pineapples101 at HUKD

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