Lamaze Spin And Explore The Sea Baby Gym £24.99 @ Amazon

Lamaze Spin And Explore The Sea Baby Gym £24.99 @ Amazon

lamazeSpinAndExploreTheSeaBabyGymAmazon are selling this Lamaze Spin and Explore The Sea baby gym for £24.99, instead of £34.99.

You really can’t go wrong with anything Lamaze, they might be a bit more expensive than their alternatives but they’re certainly worth it.

I am such a fan of Lamaze things and ever since the Lamaze octopus my youngest has was renamed ‘Lamaisy’ that’s the only way I can pronounce them (instead of Lamars or Lamaise); regardless of which you choose to call them, you can’t fault the quality and educational/entertainment value of their products.

Lamaze have put a new spin on baby gyms with their Lamaze Spin and Explore The Sea baby gym; it has a spinning turntable in the middle which allows your little one to be able to twizzle themselves around, when they’re old enough, and explore the different sections of the mat.

The tummy time spinner isn't a gimmick, it encourages physical development as your baby works to strengthen upper and lower body muscles and it can be removed if a) your child doesn't get on with it in the beginning or b) when tummy time is a thing of the past and they're on to the next phase.

The mat itself is bright, colourful featuring lots of different seaside creatures and has all the features you can expect from Lamaze: crinkles, squeakers, rattles and different textures.

This is an Amazon deal of the week so the £24.99 is valid all this week.

Happy spinning and exploring the sea!


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