Lamaze Spin And Explore Baby Gym £20.49 @ Amazon

Lamaze Spin And Explore Baby Gym £20.49 @ Amazon

lamazeSpinAndExploreGardenGymYou really won’t go wrong with this Lamaze Spin and Explore Baby Gym for a tiny tot this summer.

It can be a bit like playing Russian Roulette writing Amazon deals these days – they're messing around with their pricing on almost a minute by minute basis it seems - BUT the price on this Lamaze Spin and Explore Baby Gym is fixed until the close of play on Sunday night; hurrah!

Lamaze have put a new spin on baby gyms with their Lamaze Spin and Explore Garden Gym – it has a spinning turntable in the middle which allows your little one to be able to twizzle themselves around, when they’re old enough, and explore the different sections of the mat.

The mat itself is bright, colourful and has all the features you can expect from Lamaze: crinkles, squeakers, rattles and different textures to delight the senses.

The turntable action will help to improve upper and lower body strength too; the reviews I’ve read about the spinning element, on the whole, seem to suggest that it can take a little while for young babies to a) get the hang of and b) start to enjoy, but once they do they LOVE it!

The turntable on the Lamaze Spin and Explore can be removed if your child really does’t get on with it, or when they’re old enough to sit up and will want to crawl around instead spin.

Happy Spinning!


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