Lamaze Balancing Bug Stacker £6.40 @ Amazon

Lamaze Balancing Bug Stacker £6.40 @ Amazon

lamaze1I'm not sure who enjoyed playing with stacking toys most, me or the kids!

I wonder how many hours of my life I've spent playing with stacking cups and balancing toys like this Lamaze Balancing Bug stacker?

It's amazing how much fun can be had by seeing how many things you can tower one on top of the other before they fall over. No batteries, no flashing lights just good hand-eye coordination and fits of giggles when everything comes crashing down.

I really like these Balancing Bugs from Lamaze - true to form, they're brightly coloured so making them attractive to tiny people and will stimulate their senses, but they have a little 'more' too.

Each bug has a unique rattle so when they come tumbling down there'll be a cacophony of 'noise' - this is the reward for piling them high so the desire to stack again is increased and the more it's done, the more hand-eye coordination and motor skills are developed.

lamaze2To help this along a little, each bug has a magnet inside so the stacking-and-staying power is increased which helps prevent your little one getting frustrated and bored when they get started and are getting the hang of it all.

Amazon have reduced these little beauties from £9.99 down to £6.40 and, according to the many happy reviews I've read, they're worth every penny and then some!

Free delivery as always with the SuperSaver deal - lovely.

Thanks to bitsnbobsbuyer over at HUKD!


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