Wet Wipes 20% Off @ Cheeky Wipes : PlayPennies Exclusive

Wet Wipes 20% Off @ Cheeky Wipes : PlayPennies Exclusive

Cheeky Wipes have offered PlayPennies readers 20% off everything in stock. They currently have a 20% off offer on pre-order stock, which this doesn't apply to, but whatever's there is yours for 20% less.

Save a fortune on wet wipes

  • Discount: 20%
  • Expires: 20 October 2012
  • Exceptions: Does not include already reduced stock
  • DiscountCode: playpennies2

Cheeky Wipes are absolutely brilliant, whether you have a baby or not, and whether you use cloth nappies or not. For a cloth nappied baby, they're brilliant as they are super absorbent and what I normally need three or four wipes to clean, I can clean with one Cheeky Wipe.  For a toilet trained toddler or child they're just as brilliant as you don't have to go through tons of wet wipes in the normal day to day hand cleaning and face washing. They cost a bit up front, but they are exceedingly good value.

We've also used our Cheeky Wipes on two children now, so bought an extra set, but even so, they've saved us so much money on wet wipes.

If you're going for the whole kit, the two containers are a great idea for at home use, but the 'out and about' kit is excellent too as you can keep wet wipes with you. That said, a friend of mine always carries her around dry, because, as she says, most places we visit have running water, so she keeps them in her bag dry, wets them when she needs them, and pops them in the dirty bag ready to be washed.

If you've not used Cheeky Wipes before, I highly recommend it, both for your baby and your pocket!



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