Up To 50% Off Baby Sale Now On @ Asda George

Up To 50% Off Baby Sale Now On @ Asda George

Not everyone is looking for electricals on Black Friday. If you're pregnant or have a new baby then you may be on the lookout for different kinds of bargains. Asda George have an up to 50% off Baby Sale now on, so go take a look.

Have a look at these savings:

You can Click and Collect your Baby Bargains for FREE from an Asda store near you or pay £2.95 to have them delivered to your home.


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  • Nina P.

    u didn’t u have a boy how cute it this!! X

    • Andrea P.

      I was a little confused for a second then. Haha x

      • Nina P.

        y! Lol x

      • Charlotte F.

        bloody unicorn pram now ha x

        • Lowri P.

          Haha cute, seen this b4 but I like the stroller I had for mabli xx

          • Charlotte F.

            What did you have? X

            • Lowri P.

              Silvercross pop xx

              • Charlotte F.

                This could be a lot nicer tbf x

                • Lowri P.

                  Looks a bit flimsy nai xx

                  • Charlotte F.

                    Yup.. cheap x

                  • Dawn M.

                    Going to have a look now thanks

                    • Caitlyn R.

                      for when Daisy is older :joy::unicorn:

                      • Alice H.

                        Haha!! I saw someone with unicorn car seats the other day :unicorn:

                      • Dawn M.

                        They don't deliver outside the UK :(

                        • Gemma C.

                          Matches my high chair! :heart::unicorn:

                          • Jenny C.

                            There is an asda not far from buttercrane in Newry

                            • Ambre W.

                              So cute! :heart_eyes: but I don't think I should buy another stroller just yet :see_no_evil: lol xx

                              • Laura W.

                                I looked at this thought it be filthy in a week lol xxx

                                • Laura S.

                                  Love this :heart_eyes:! Wonder wot the quality is like xx

                                  • Kate L.

                                    Thanks for thinking of us but we bought a travel system at the start so we have a stroller.

                                    • Janeen H.

                                      I didn't mean the stroller lol if ya click the link there is a list of things...thought it migh be worth u havin wee nosey in case there was something popped up ya needed x

                                      • Kelly Q.

                                        Haha that’s 4 people who has tagged me tonight :joy:

                                        • Diane L.

                                          Ooh I like that it’s cute xx

                                          • Tracy M.

                                            Oh my god....I need to buy this :heart:

                                            • Clare L.

                                              Just ordered I will put it away for her Christmas :unicorn:

                                              • Danni L.

                                                Evo said I couldn’t have it :disappointed::joy: he said he wor walking about with me if I had it

                                                • Lisa C.

                                                  Aww that's cute but I dont know if we're having a boy or girl ha xx

                                                  • Joanne B.

                                                    I just meant the asda baby sale lol!! Xx

                                                    • Chloe M.

                                                      That’s even lighter then the one I want lol x