TRENDnet WiFi Baby Monitoring Camera - £29.99 @ ebuyer

TRENDnet WiFi Baby Monitoring Camera - £29.99 @ ebuyer

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If you are looking for a baby monitor then this high tech piece of equipment has some pretty great features on it, and is tons cheaper than most camera monitors. It's just £29.99 at ebuyer, and for most new customers delivery is free too.

What's different about this camera as opposed to a regular baby monitor is that you can use any of your smartphones or tablets in the house to view the live feed from the baby monitor. You don't need a separate piece of equipment, just to download the free app, and as long as your microphone is set up on whatever device you are using then it works as a two way sound device. Here's how they explain it:

TRENDnet's WiFi Baby Cam, model TV-IP743SIC, allows you to monitor your baby from any internet connection. After a brief installation, simply open a web browser or app to view live video on your mobile devices, tablets, and computers. TRENDnet's free CloudView app brings live video to Apple® and Android™ mobile devices.
Hear and comfort your baby with the built in microphone and speaker. See your baby in complete darkness with night vision (5 meters, 16 ft.). Set up motion and sound detection to receive video clips via email.

If you watch the video on the ebuyer website it does look very impressive, with loads of cool features. It can record any video triggered by movement and sound and send them to you by email, and you can even set it to play a choice of lullabys from your phone app. Wow.

Oh, and I got so carried away with everything it can do I forgot to say that this price of £29.99 is a a third off it's previous price of £44.16.

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