Mums Freebie: Free Calpol App

20 June 2012

The guys who make Calpol have launched a new app for the iPhone to provide parents with added support for when their kids are sick. The app came about as a result of research that showed how many mums find it difficult to manage a poorly child along with their daily tasks.

The new Calpol app includes essential advice on symptoms for the most common childhood illnesses, giving parents easily accessible information at their fingertips. The free app also has a feature which reads the advice out loud so when you are shattered and can barely read, you can have it read to you! This should also prove useful for those moments when both hands are busy.

Other features included with the free Calpol app are: a Dosage Diary so you can record each time you have given them medication, Find my nearest pharmacy or hospital, Temperature Tracker, Soothing Lullabies, History, Information on Immunisation and Information on the Calpol range.

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