Lollipop Lane Luxury Fleece With Teddy £3.25 @ Tesco

Lollipop Lane Luxury Fleece With Teddy £3.25 @ Tesco

FleeceIs there anything as snuggly as a lovely fleece? This Lollipop Lane Luxury Fleece with Teddy comes in a gorgeous cream colour, and has been reduced down to £3.25 by Tesco Direct. If you can collect from a store then delivery is free.

We used sleeping bags for my son when he was a baby, but we were given a few really gorgeous fleece blankets. These have become bed covers as he got older, and now they make a perfect substitute for a duvet when the weather gets warmer. For this reason they make a great gift.

This particular Lollipop Lane cream luxury fleece is embroidered with the very cute Cappuccino Bear. It is a polyester fleece, and just about the right sort of size for  prams and strollers. So you can tuck them in all snug and cuddley when the weather gets cold too.

Parents will be pleased to know that it is both machine washable, and can also be tumble dried.

Thanks to deborahm at HUKD!


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