Johnson & Johnson Wipes And Toiletries 50% Off @ Sainsburys

Johnson & Johnson Wipes And Toiletries 50% Off @ Sainsburys

Johnson'sThere's a sale on Johnson & Johnson wipes and toiletries at Sainsbury's right now. Everything is half price, meaning you can get a 4 pack of 64 fragrance free baby wipes for £2.49 instead of £4.98. Or a 300ml bottle of Johnson's Baby Shampoo for 96p.

The offer finishes on the 9th of August, so now is a good time to get in some supplies. Handy for bulk buying if you want to stock up for the year. Plus items like the shampoo, baby lotion and talcum powder make for great baby baskets if you're looking to put together your own gifts.

I got a few of these when I had my son, and it was great. I didn't have to buy a thing until he was about four years old! Came as a bit of a shock to realise I had to buy my own baby shampoo.

There's also Johnson's nappy rash cream, bedtime oil, and soothing bath oils too. All of which are nice to tuck into the gift basket, or store in the baby supplies cupboard.

Thanks to sufchenko at HUKD!


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